Anonymous asked: (from the diet anon) idk i was just wondering i was scrolling through your blog and noticed you thought you've gained weight and i think i might have too and idk what to do about it :S

It’s annoying isn’t it? Like not tonnes of weight but it’s noticeable (or at least I think so). When I got back from my DofE training I felt like I had actually lost a bit of weight, I know some people would say 5 days won’t be noticeable but we are all unique. I know my body and it reacts quickly to drastic change. I think maybe the gain might have been from a slight decline in exercise which just caught up on me.
I feel like supporting you and I know if I actually do something about it properly, than just small things that don’t last, then I can get a healthier body. My advice would just be examining yourself now and comparing it to yourself when you felt slimmer. We can work through this together.

Anonymous asked: ermm this is a really weird question but what's your diet like?

Haha that is a bit weird? I love cereal so everyday I have 4 weetabix for breakfast. I use to think it sounded a lot but other people have 5 or 6 and tbh I normally won’t have lunch until about 4pm now :( it’s the only hot meal I’ll get. I just eat what is cooked which is normally carbohydrate, meat and vegetables. Which means I have to some how organise snacks of sort and not get hungry before bed. I only occasionally drink fizzy drinks on special occasions and I more or less never eat fast food.
Why’d you ask?

I’m back from my DofE training!! (Well I returned last night) It was sooo great and I felt that the people I was surrounded by helped me learn a bit more about myself which is sweet. I do, however, have tonnes of homework to catch up on now… but after DofE I feel sort of invincible and powerful